East Durham Business Centre can offer virtual addresses for small businesses.  If you are self employed and work from home you will be using your home address on your marketing materials such as business cards, website, Facebook, Google and other online platforms. You may be worried about customers turning up at your door from time to time to enquire about your services. This does not need to be the case, at East Durham Business Centre we can give you a virtual business address from only £30 per month.

This business address will allow you to market your business online and through traditional media that you are a trusted and established business.  So if you are happy about working from home but don’t want the expense of renting an office then why not get a virtual address from East Durham Business Centre today.

What is a virtual address?

A virtual office address is an address which can be used to promote your business, to register for business with HMRC and Companies House, and to which all mail can be sent. All mail sent to your virtual office address will be forward to you by post and by email. A virtual office address cannot be used for meetings or as a physical working space, it only exists to promote and register your business. 

Who uses virtual office addresses in the UK?

  • Home based business owners who don’t want to make their own home address public.
  • Growing businesses looking for a more distinguished business location without high rental or purchase fees.
  • International businesses moving into the UK market. 

What’s included in a UK virtual office address?

Virtual office services are for anyone who wants a full UK registered office address for their business with mail handling services included. By investing in a virtual office you will gain a registered office address, which is a requirement for registering a business to trade legally in the UK. 

Advantages of having a virtual office address?

Some advantages of having a virtual address for your business are as follows:

  • Having a real business address creates credibility to your business. Customers will trust you more when you have a real office address on your site, Facebook and business cards.
  • You have someone present at this address to collect your official mail and packages.
  • It will give your business a good, professional look and feel having a virtual address rather than a home address.

Advantages Of Having A Business Address at East Durham Business Centre

There are many advantages to having a business address. Firstly it gives a good image of an organisation in eyes of clients, customers and companies associated within a business, a good corporate image, ultimately leads to a company to receive a boost in sells and benefits. It supplies an affordable and brilliant option for even the smallest budgets to operate a business like a major corporation. Putting a business address on a business card looks professional and adds credibility to a business. People who work from home sometimes prefer not to put their home addresses on their business cards and using a business address can be a cost-effective solution to that problem. 

Key Benefits For Having A Business Address:

  • Creates a professional image 
  • Professional location on Google maps / places
  • Raises business profile
  • Increase client / customer confidence
  • Moves the business away from home